This is Tokn

After a year long fettle and a bit of brilliantly collaborative feature creep, version 1 Tokn and Tokn Surf has now gone live on the Apple App Store.

The go live was a deliberately quiet affair, what techs and marketing types like to call a soft launch. This gives us a chance to gently grow the userbase and learn a bit about usage and interface improvements along the way.

Thanks to all who have wished us well so far and already provided some useful feedback. We had beta testers located from Bristol all the way to Sydney. One Tokn user popped up near Cupertino rather near to Apple's HQ which was particularly exciting.

This for us is the start of a fun journey and the development of something we hope will start to make a real difference to people.

Who knows what Tokn will be used for along the way which is why we launched with a 'vanilla' non niche version so as to not pigeon hole usage.

The surf focused version was to see how the app performed in a more niche context.  After all, surfers were one of the first groups to utilise the World Wide Web to access deep ocean Buoy data in the early 90’s to help predict the surf and utilised user net newsgroups long before Zuckerberg had even left high school.

Surfing can be an innately solo sport, much like extreme canyoning, so it seemed like a logical first niche. Next up will be a snow version which we hope will protect those powder shredders out there.

So, go grab a version of the app while it’s still free on the App Store and let us know how you get on.

See you outback / on the trail or just popping up on the radar feature of the app.