Keeping you safe if you're online dating

This is the first in what may be a long series of posts about the many uses for Tokn.

If you use an online dating service then you'll hopefully be familiar with the rules of the road about staying safe for your first meeting. Most importantly, the internet dating industry advises that you should:

  • get to know the other person before meeting them
  • meet and stay in a public place
  • always tell someone where you're going and who you're seeing

But wait...that last one - tell someone where you're going and who you're seeing - is too often ignored. You might not want to tell your best friend or your family that you're meeting for a date. You could be vague about the detail, but that would defy the point because if something were to happen it's the detail that might get you out of trouble.

We realised while we were building our Tokn app that first dates or early dates would be an ideal scenario for our technology. With Tokn if you're going on a first date you can leave a detailed note about where you're going and who you're seeing. It could contain locational information too, using the GPS in your phone. You leave the note with us, you tell us who it's for, and you tell us what time you'll be back. All in a few easy clicks.

Crucially, we only send the note if you don't get back to us when you said you would. Your phone will remind you several times that you need to checkin with us, but if you don't, then we'll send a text message to your 'buddy' (that's what we call them - it could be your best friend, mom, dad etc) with a link to show them your note and your location when you left it.

Tokn allows you to stay safe and maintain your privacy at the same time when you're meeting someone new. It's quick, effortless and costs less than a cup of coffee.