No battery? No network? No worries. We've still got your back.

We sometimes get asked what happens if your phone loses network or battery while you're out. To put it simply, it doesn't matter.

When you checkout a Tokn you're giving our servers (think big, secure computers always connected to the internet) all the information they need to carry out their duty at the right time - to alert your nominated buddy that you may need help. The text message we send to your buddy is sent from our server, not from your phone. The note you left and your location when you left it are also stored on our server, so we have everything we need to keep you safe.

From the outset we knew that we didn't want to build an app that tracked your location - we don't want to use up battery power when you might be needing it most, and we believe that a start location and a textual note is sufficient for all outdoor activities. In the future we might consider introducing optional location updates for users that want it. These would come with a warning about battery usage and would have optional triggers such as infrequent time intervals or a shake of the phone.

But whatever plans we have for Tokn we will always ensure that regardless of what happens to your phone we will still get that message to your buddy.