Always leave a note to say where you've gone

A scene from the Film 127hrs
Aron Ralston was a cocksure solo adventurist who loved the outdoors, and he hated telling anyone where he was going. This was nearly his downfall as he left home alone on this day in 2003, only to become trapped under a rock in a slot canyon the middle of nowhere for several days. He only escaped by severing his own arm with a blunt penknife.

Aron lived in an apartment on his own, so leaving a post-it note on the fridge wouldn't really have helped much. For Aron, letting someone know where he was going would have involved a phonecall to his mum. Clearly not cool.

Had smartphones existed in 2003, Tokn would have fulfilled Aron's needs for adventure, mystery and spontaneity, but would still have sought help for him when he needed it. Our servers would have sent a text message to Aron's mum, friend, boss, whatever, (we call them your 'buddy') saying where he was and what he said he was doing only if by Sunday evening he didn't tell us he was back - by de-activating his Tokn.

With Tokn, Aron would have maintained the privacy and solitude he needed, but safe in the knowledge that if he didn't make it back someone would know where and when to look for him. For 99% of his trips no-one would need to know what he was up to.

Nowadays Aron always leaves a note to say where he has gone. We're told of this, in a slightly "let this be a lesson" tone, at the end of the movie 127 Hours. But what a good lesson it is.

Remember, if you're into outdoor sports or activities and you do it solo, ALWAYS leave a note.

A good lesson - "He always leaves a note to say where he has gone"