Tokn - The personal safety app now available for Android

We're excited to be able to announce the launch of Tokn for Android, and it is available right now on the Google Play Store. Tokn has been keeping thousands of iPhone users safer all around the world for some time now, and now we can extend the same experience to millions of Android users.

To achieve this we decided to rebuild Tokn in a way that would allow us to provide a near-identical experience on both platforms, and while doing this we've made our app easier to use.

We responded to feedback and allowed users to set a Tokn using a time duration (a number of minutes, or hours). Just click on the new duration icon to use this feature:

The Tokn activation form remembers your duration entry the next time you use it, as well as the notes and your choice of buddy, enabling you to set a Tokn with only 2 clicks. This is great for users that repeatedly use Tokn for the same activity. And, don't worry, you can still activate Tokn by setting an expiry time if you prefer - just click the clock icon.